Sloppy joes

Sloppy joes

The VERY BEST Homemade Sloppy Joes is a sloppy joe recipe that’s not only delicious but quick & easy to make using real ingredients instead of a store-bought can of sauce. 100s of reviews agree!

There aren’t many dinners that you can get on the table faster than whipping up a Sloppy Joes. And while the store-bought sauce that rhymes with San-wich might make this meal even quicker, it’s got some less-than-ideal ingredients. After all, I tend to avoid high fructose corn syrup in my sweets, much less my dinner.

So what’s a Sloppy Joe-lovin’ family to do? Why, put together your own quick and easy, all-natural sauce, of course! It only takes a couple of minutes, it tastes soooo much better (in fact, you get to control how sweet and/or salty you want it), and you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary additives.

How to Make Sloppy Joes

I shared my Slow Cooker Chicken Sloppy Joes awhile back, which feature this same sauce, but sometimes you don’t have the forethought (or time) to toss something into the crock pot first thing in the morning.

So if you still want an effortless, family-pleasing meal come 5 o’clock, make this tried-and-true Homemade Sloppy Joe recipe! Simply brown some ground beef (or turkey), stir together a simple sauce, and then combine the two. Allow the mixture to simmer on the stove for a few minutes and then slap it on some buns. Easy peasy!

There’s really not much more to say about this recipe, folks. Adults love it, too, though kids adore it. It’s so simple but oh-so-good. A side salad, some baked beans, and — of course — some thickly-sliced pickles on top of your Sloppy Joes, and…dinner is served!

Homemade Sloppy JoesTips and Tricks, & Equipment

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Shrimp recipes

Shrimp recipes



It is hard to believe that there are some that do not like it, you can add your own flavorings, we put some soy sauce on it before we ate it, it was wonderful, cannot wait to eat more of it.

I liked this, but it didn’t have the fried rice flavor I was looking for, so I added a mixture of soy water and sauce to it. Really like that addition it bumped up the flavor. I liked that it used a bag of mixed veggies, that was perfect in it.

Really? It’s a dead dish. Where’s the flavor, the pizzazz, the tasre?

I was so hoping this was going to be a good recipe, however, I was greatly disappointed. It was extremely bland, which I should have expected since there was no seasoning other than salt and pepper. The only thing that gave this some flavor was the bacon. Will not make this recipe again.

AMAZING FLAVOR. So, quick to make. I did pre-prep cooking the bacon and rice. And precooked it, i used chicken instead of shrimp only because that was what I had on hand. Whole family loved it. I can hardly wait to try it with the shrimp. It is definitely going on my favorites list! !

We had a school get-together representing different countries around the world. Our country was China so I fixed this fried rice and it went so fast. It was so good! ! I’ll be fixing this again! !

This recipe was easy! It’s one of our favorite meals! We decided to omit the bacon and add just a touch of soy sauce to the mixture. It is also great topped with some chopped green onions

I really liked this. I used the California blend vegetables. I don’t like shelling the shrimp, so I thought next time I might buy the already cooked shrimp. I buy the shrimp in the freezer section and divide up what I need for individual meals. If you have a family to feed this would not work. But because it is just me and my husband it is the easiest way.

Can this be made with frozen shrimp? I haven’t made this yet, but I needed to rate it in order to submit a question. I’ll pre-cook and use brown rice, and I’ll also add one finely minced clove of garlic. I’ll also sprinkle some fresh & finely chopped chives over the completed dish. So, can I make this with frozen shrimp? It’s really very good, although

I thought this would be too bland! I paired it with store-bought spring rolls for a fast dinner.

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Scalloped potatoes recipe

Scalloped potato recipes

My favorite recipe for garlicky, creamy and cheesy crazy-delicious scalloped potatoes.

Anyone else out there still have yet to plan your menu for Easter Sunday this coming weekend?

Well, good news: 1) you’re not alone and 2) I’ve gotcha covered!

We have all sorts of delicious recipes here on our Easter section of the blog that are sure to please a crowd. If you’re feeling those brunch vibes, there’s everything from my favorite 1-hour cinnamon rolls, to the world’s best sour cream coffee cake, to a classic breakfast casserole, to nearly every way to prepare eggs, to mimosas and more. If you’re going more of the Easter dinner route, our family’s favorite salad, classic deviled eggs, these perfectly roasted Brussels sprouts, an easy fruit salad, these quick 1-hour soft and buttery dinner rolls might be calling your name, or. Of course, carrot cake (or this vegan, gluten-free carrot cake) is also a must around here every Easter.

But the other non-negotiable for me each —, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter let’s be real — any night of the year that I’m craving some creamy, garlicky, cheesy comfort food?

Specifically, these scalloped potatoes. In my humble opinion, they are simply the best. And in the years since I originally posted this recipe here on the blog, thousands of you have also tried them and agreed! So, today, I thought I’d bump this recipe back to the top of the stack for those of you who might be new to the blog and looking for a tried and true recipe to make this weekend. I can vouch — they won’t let you down, as someone who has made these dozens and dozens of times.

Scalloped Potatoes Recipe | 1-Minute V >

Scalloped Potatoes Ingredients:

The ingredients to make this classic scalloped potatoes recipe are pretty simple. You’ll need:

How To Make Scalloped Potatoes:

To make your scalloped potatoes, begin by chopping up your onions and garlic, and making your sauce on the stovetop. Since we’re using milk instead of cream, it’s important not to let the sauce boil. Just let it get warm enough that it barely comes to a simmer so that it can thicken. (Otherwise the sauce will “break” and become watery when baked.) Then remove it from the heat until it’s ready to be used.

Meanwhile, as your sauce cooks, slice up all of those potatoes. The thinner they are, the quicker they will cook. So, i usually slice mine about 1/4-inch thick.

Once your potatoes and sauce are ready to go, it’s time to layer everything up! I usually go in the following order:

  1. Half of the potatoes
  2. Half of the sauce (including the onions that I strain out and add with a slotted spoon)
  3. Half of the shredded cheese
  4. Parmesan
  5. Half of the potatoes
  6. Half of the sauce
  7. Half of the shredded cheese

Once everything is ready to go, cover the pan lightly with aluminum foil. Then bake for 30-35 minutes. Alternatively, until the sauce is nice and bubbly around the edges. Remove the foil and bake for another 30 minutes or so, until the cheese is nice and golden on top and the potatoes are cooked through. (If the cheese starts to get too brown on top, just lightly cover the top with a sheet of foil again until the potatoes are ready to go.)

Then remove, sprinkle with some extra thyme and black pepper, and serve!

I mean, just look at that cheesy, creamy, golden crust.

How To Make-Ahead Scalloped Potatoes:

Over the years, I’ve had lots of you ask if you can prep this scalloped potatoes recipe in advance, and the answer is yes ! Just bake the scalloped potatoes and let them cool completely to room temperature. Then cover tightly and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Then bake covered (with foil) at 350° for 30 minutes, or until warmed through.

Can you freeze this recipe? Unfortunately, I don’t recommend it. Neither the potatoes nor cream sauce freeze well.

Can I make this recipe gluten-free? Sure thing! Just use all certified-GF ingredients. And instead of flour, you can either use gluten-free all-purpose flour. Or, you can nix the flour and whisk 3 tablespoons of cornstarch into the cold milk before adding it to the sauce.

Can you add other seasonings? Absolutely! Again, I just seasoned this classic recipe with garlic and thyme. But feel free to stir your favorite seasoning mixes into the sauce or sprinkle on your favorite herbs.

Can you substitute other kinds of potatoes? Sure thing. I’ve made this before with Russets and red potatoes, and also enjoy occasionally using a mix of Yukon golds and sweet potatoes. But for the classic recipe, Yukon golds are my favorites.

More Potato Recipes:

If you love this recipe, be sure to check out some of my other potato faves including:

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Scallop recipes

Scallop recipes

Juicy scallops are the ultimate seafood treat, so let BBC Good Food take you through the most delicious ways to serve this delicious shellfish

Related gu >

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Salmon recipes

Salmon recipes

Have a perfectly cooked salmon fillet, complete with crisp skin, ready in under 10 minutes. Serve with a side of buttery, seasonal green veg for a filling supper

Nutrition and extra info


Probably the most widely-used oil in cooking, olive oil is pressed from fresh olives. It’s…

Oval in shape, with a pronouced bulge on one end, lemons are one of the most versatile fruits…

Generously season the salmon fillets with salt and pepper. Put the butter and oil in a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, swirling around the pan until melted and foaming, then turn up the heat. Once the butter starts bubbling, add the salmon fillets to the pan, skin-side-down, and fry for 3 mins until crisp. Flip the fillets over, lower the heat and cook for 2 mins more, then drizzle with the lemon juice. Transfer the salmon to a plate and baste with any of the buttery juices left in the pan.

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Salisbury steak recipe

Salisbury steak recipe

This classic Salisbury Steak is smothered in a onion and mushroom gravy and is ready in just 30 minutes!

Salisbury steak

One of those comfort food favorites that never goes out of style. It’s quick to make, inexpensive, and is popular with kids and adults alike! This homemade version is WAY better than the kind you’ll typically find in the freezer section of your grocery store.

The first step to making Salisbury steak is to form your meat patties. Because it has a lot of flavor but it’s not overly greasy, i like to use a 90% lean ground beef. The meat is mixed with breadcrumbs and seasonings, then formed into oval shaped “steaks”.

The patties are cooked to golden brown, and then a simple gravy is made withmushrooms and onions, beef broth and a little cornstarch which is used as a thickener. I typically use white button mushrooms, but other mushroom varieties like cremini mushrooms would also be a great choice. I make it easy on myself by purchasing the pre-sliced mushrooms to save on some prep time.

The end result is tender flavorful patties that are just smothered in rich gravy. You can even make a double batch of this recipe and freeze half for another night! You can either freeze the uncooked patties then thaw and proceed with the rest of the recipe. Alternatively, freeze the cooked patties in their gravy. Simply defrost in the fridge then simmer in a pan until warmed through if you choose to freeze the cooked patties.

The absolute best way to serve salisbury steak is over mashed potatoes. I also add a vegetable side like asparagus or broccoli.

Looking for more comfort food classics? I’ve got you covered with my easy hamburger chicken and soup noodle casserole!

Once you try homemade salisbury steak, you’ll never go back to the store bought version. I make this recipe at least once a month during the colder months and it’s always a hit.

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Roasted red potatoes

Roasted red potatoes



I love roasted potatoes because they’re so simple to prepare, and I think a side dish should be easy. This recipe is exactly that and full of flavor. Of course, I didn’t measure my seasonings, I just throw them in there until it looks right to me. I used a 6 large cloves of garlic, and I pressed them instead of mincing them, as far as garlic goes. I think pressing the garlic in a recipe like this gives it more garlic flavor. We love garlic, so more is always better! I served it alongside Meatloaf and some green beans.

Easy and delicious!

Excellent and easy. I made these with halved red fingerling potatoes and sprinkled grated Parmesan on them as soon as they came out of the oven. Perfect side dish to grilled pork chops! These will be making repeat performances in my kitchen!

Easy peezy and delicious! Will make this again!

I made these last week, as a side with kielbasa. For a final glaze, I tumbled them through the skillet I’d cooked the sausage in. Delicious!

These are really easy, and very tasty. It was a great side dish with steak and asparagus. Love it. I did use a cookie sheet to get them crispier.

Really tasty recipe! Very easy, a great side dish for oven baked entrees.

Very good recipe. Love roasted potatoes. Very easy to make. I had a pork loin and raosted potatoes went well with the meat.

What a great recipe! After reading the reviews, I decided to add some onions and mushrooms. outstanding! My husband and I devoured I and them can’t wait to make this recipe again!

Great flavor! ! i wanted them crispier so used a cookie sheet instead.

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Rice pudding recipe

Rice pudding recipe



This recipe is very similar to the rice pudding with which my husband grew up. Our recipe uses 1 tsp. of vanilla rather than the nutmeg. We eat it as a main dish.

Next time I’ll make more of the custard because that’s how I like it. I used a mixture of cinnamon and fresh ground nutmeg. If you consume over 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg all at once, a note regarding comments about nutmeg being toxic. nutmeg is only toxic. Recipes that use nutmeg don’t typically use an amount that would actually be toxic. This recipe is safe and definitely a good jumping off point to adjust to your tastes.

I am trying this recipe with short grain rice, (also known as sushi rice). I added 1/2 cup brown sugar for the sugar. My children does not like the taste of nutmeg so I subsituted this flavor with a sprinkle half of the tray of cinnamon. I also added a couple drops of vanilla for an extra flavor. Let’s see how it taste.

This recipe is easy, but TOO sweet.

Excellent, tasted just like my mom’s when I was a kid! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Easy, delicious, comfort food desert. A great way to use up leftover rice from take-out. I added cinnamon and more rice, otherwise followed recipe. Will definitely make this again!

I made a double custard because I like it creamier but all in all is a great rice pudding !

I’m not sure what all the naysayers are talking about. We all loved it. Perhaps they are looking for a creamy rice pudding and this is more akin to custard. This was perfect for us as my older son wanted custard and I wanted rice pudding. It was amazing. We also made a batch with almond milk for one of my younger children. It’s a tad different but very good.

Awful. Way too much nutmeg, which can be toxic.

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Rice pudding

Rice pudding recipe

Easy and deliciously creamy Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche) is a no fail one pot recipe with minimal ingredients and only 3 steps! An old reader favourite.

Creamy, soft rice pudding filled with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon and juicy sultanas (raisins). The ultimate comfort food! Find out how to make old fashioned rice pudding right at home with our popular family recipe. It gets rave reviews from everyone we serve it to.

The best rice pudding recipe you’ll ever eat!

Old fashioned rice pudding

When made the wrong way, rice pudding can be bland, lacking in flavour and awful in texture — but the way my Colombian mother taught me is a no fail recipe for a successfully creamy pudding so full of flavour. While filling, it’s so addictive that one bowl is never enough.

How To Make Rice Pudding

Since posting this recipe over four years ago, we have seen some interesting recipes for rice pudding. Some use water instead of milk, or rinse the rice before cooking, or even add eggs into a cream mixture. Others call for two or three pots? *Insert shrug*

I like to stick with what has worked in my family for decades… an easy recipe passed on to my mother from generations above her. Our pudding (or Arroz Con Leche) is so easy! Throw all ingredients into a pot, and stir occasionally while cooking until perfectly thick and creamy.

The starch that releases into the milk from the rice ensures the unforgettable creamy texture.

Ingredients for rice pudding

With a handful of easy-to-find ingredients, you’re minutes away from the best pudding of your life.

You, you can, but you will need another recipe for that version. This recipe is made from scratch and is much creamier and tastier than cooked rice versions, as the rice is being cooked right in the cinnamon and vanilla flavours added into the milk.

We always make sure there are some leftovers for breakfast…hot or cold.

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Refried beans

Refried beans

This Mexican homemade refried beans recipe is easy to make in just 20 minutes. If you’d like, It’s naturally gluten-free, can and vegetarian also be made vegan. And most importantly, it tastes sooo much better than the canned stuff!

Guys, it’s time to ditch the canned stuff and start making homemade refried beans…for so many reasons!

First off, most canned refried beans are made with pork lard, which is (a) not going to work if you are cooking for vegetarians or vegans and (b) totally unnecessary flavor-wise, if you ask me. Canned refried beans are also often made with extra sugars and preservatives, which I also try to avoid when possible. But most of all, I’ve always thought that the canned stuff never tastes very flavorful or fresh!

Enter this super-simple homemade refried beans recipe.

I love it because it’s easy to whip up in just 20 minutes or so. It’s also made with an easy ingredient list that I feel great about, that also happens to be naturally vegetarian, vegan (if you’d like) and gluten-free. It’s a recipe that’s easy to customize and make however citrusy, spicy and smoky or cheesy you might prefer. I love this recipe because it’s downright delicious, but best of all.

I’ve been making homemade refried beans ever since I met my vegetarian husband years ago and realized that the canned stuff was no longer an option. And over the years, we have loved adding these to our favorite tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, quesadillas and burritos seven layer dip, taquitos, taco pizzas and more. Of course, these refried beans also make for a fantastic easy side dish. And if you’ve got a case of the munchies, hey, just grab some tortilla chips and they also double as a delicious bean dip! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo this weekend or anytime you’re cooking up a delicious Mexican dinner at home.

Let’s make some refried beans!

Homemade Refried Beans Ingredients:

To make this easy refried bean recipe, you will need:

How To Make Refried Beans:

To make this refried bean recipe, simply:

  1. Saut the onion and garlic. Saut in butter (or oil) in a large saucepan until softened.
  2. Add the next round of ingredients. Stir in the beans, veggie stock, and spices. Then cook until the mixture reaches a simmer.
  3. Mash the beans. Remove the pan from the mash and heat the beans to your desired consistency. If you want them to be super-smooth, you can transfer them to a food processor and puree until smooth.)
  4. Add in the remaining ingredients, (Or. Stir in the cold butter until combined. Taste the beans, and season with as much lime juice, salt and pepper as needed. (Don’t be afraid to be generous with the s&p! )
  5. Serve warm. If desired, Then serve warm, garnished with cilantro and/or cheese.

Possible Variations:

This refried beans recipe is meant to be a base recipe that you can customize! So free free to tinker around with the ingredients and find what works best for you. For example, feel free to…

Easy Breakfast Tacos recipe coming soon! !

Ways To Use Refried Beans:

As I mentioned above, this refried beans recipe goes works great as a simple side dish with any of your favorite Mexican recipes. It can also double as a delicious bean dip, served with tortilla chips. Or feel free to add it into your favorite tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, burritos and enchiladas seven layer dip, taquitos, taco pizzas and more.

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